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The posters read:

“Come in my room, I have to show you something. Don’t be scared.”

-I was between 4 and 8. He was a teen.

“Is that why you’re a lesbian?”

-friends I confided in

“Oh come on, you know you don’t actually want me to stop.”

“It couldn’t hurt. I know what I’m doing.”

-Female romantic lovers

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that everyone else is at fault, not me.

Sometimes it just doesn’t seem possible that they were all wrong, that I didn’t do anything to deserve it.

But I didn’t; I know that somewhere, it’s just not always at the surface.

But it’s slowly rising.

It will get there.

I will rise.

Photographed in Boston, MA on October 4th.

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I feel liberated. I feel free.

This is my friend Sam. She didn’t deserve any of this. No one does. Not you and not me.

We will fight this.

(via seductivebanjo)